Stump Grinding

Homeowners have two major options to consider when dealing with unwanted stumps. Whether they are trying to avoid the hazards with rotting wood or removing the unattractive stump from their landscape. Property owners have to then choose between hiring a professional stump grinding contractor or doing it themselves.

Benefits of Hiring a Pro

A stump grinding professional or tree service company uses special equipment and skills to remove the visible portion of the stump. Skilled contractors make short work of even the most challenging projects saving you time and money. Here's a few important things to look for when hiring a contractor:

Experience, License & Insurance

Always look for an established company with a list of satisfied customers who are licensed and insured. Online reviews and consumer advocate organisations provide reliable insight into a contractor’s track record. License and insurance is also very important with this type of work. If there is damage to water lines, or an accidental cut into where there are power lines, the insurance will cover it.


Most back yards have limited access through a narrow gate or walkway. Stump grinders come in different shapes and sizes. Make sure that your preferred contractor uses appropriately sized grinders, large enough to do the job and small enough to deal with any access issues on your property. Even if access does not present a problem on your property, consider the damage commonly done by larger, heavier grinders and trailers.


Although it’s important to obtain a good price from your contractor, cheaper costs often result in poor workmanship. Think about the value offered by an experienced stump grinding company. They have the skills and equipment to get the job done right and on time, whereas a cheaper, less experienced contractor may be difficult to work with and leave you unsatisfied in the end. Choose a company that offers superior overall value, quality and customer service as opposed to the lowest price. This will ultimately save you money in the long run!