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SaveMore Tree Service offers quality and affordable Tree Trimming, Pruning and Reduction. From large oak trees to smaller ornamental trees, we provide the best tree trimming service in Loxahatchee, Royal Palm Beach, Wellington and surrounding!

Tree Trimming and Thinning

Trimming and thinning trees is an important and often-overlooked necessity in tree maintenance. Thinning removes unwanted excess branch growth, deadwood, and debris. This helps in removing a favored breeding ground for insects that damage and kill trees, especially in places like Loxahatchee.

Trimming & pruning your trees will give your property a clean look that helps your plants grow healthier and stronger. If you want your tree to grow in a particular direction, expert trimming will allow us to dictate how your tree develops. SaveMore Tree Service tree specialists can determine the best decisions for your trees. While taking into account the specific species of your plants, their strengths and weaknesses and the time of year.

Appearance and Safety

Periodic tree maintenance via pruning, trimming and thinning is important because it helps sculpt or train the tree, forcing it to grow how we want it to. Left to its own, a tree will often grow in strange and unmanageable directions. As the unmanaged tree grows larger and heavier each year, it can actually kill itself. This happens by essentially splitting in half (often in a heavy wind), destroying the cambium and its ability to grow. Even if the tree survives, the exposed and ripped-apart areas are an open invitation for insect infestation (then a slower, painful-to-watch death takes place).

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Tree Pruning Benefits

Trimming and pruning back overgrowth of trees lightens the load on over-burdened branches and reduces wind-sail. This greatly improves the tree’s safety risk, while leaving valuable shade. Pruning and thinning trees prolongs it's lifespan as well. Since we’re shaping the tree in ways that allow new and future growth to occur in the right places and in proper directions. This will improve the tree for greater natural growth.

Tree Canopy Reduction

Reducing the size, height or width of a tree and its canopy is known as Reduction. The wrong way is “pollarding” (topping) a tree, which was common in the past but is acknowledged today by tree experts and arborists as a very bad tree maintenance practice. Abruptly lopping off the top/s of a tree’s crown/s causes deformation and what grows up are groups of “finger branches” that trap leaves and debris, which fosters rot (included bark) and insect infestation, as well as dangerous wind-sail. Reducing a tree the right way involves cutting multi-pronged branches back to their main laterals and, again, the strategic removal of specifically-selected branches,. The appearance of the tree becomes centered and balanced, and also improves the tree’s safety risk.

Why Choose SaveMore Tree Service for Your Tree Trimming?

The answer to that question is simple—because we care about our customers. For us, we’re not looking to just chop down trees or trim some branches. We set out to be the best customer service company in Loxahatchee, Royal Palm Beach, Wellington and all of Palm Beach County, while also being the most affordable. That means we always appear at your home on time, professionally-dressed, ready to offer our unbeatable prices with a friendly smile!

Customers love SaveMore because we provide:

  • The lowest costs, guaranteed
  • Experienced tree specialists
  • Professional expertise and advice
  • Courteous team
  • Fast and affordable solutions
  • Properly licensed and insured

Whether you need one tree trimmed or several trees trimmed, SaveMore Tree Service provides the highest quality professional tree services at the lowest cost! Contact us today!

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