How Much does it Cost to Trim a Palm Tree?

How Much Does it Cost to Trim a Palm Tree

As with any other type of tree, the total cost to trim a palm tree depends on several different factors. How tall is the tree? How long since the last time it was trimmed? Where is the tree located? Is it located around power lines? Learn the important factors to consider regarding palm tree trimming and removal costs below.

Palm Tree Trimming Costs

Although it’s possible to trim your palm tree yourself, it’s much safer, easier and more efficient to hire a professional company to do it for you.  The equipment and experience is worth the time and money. The amount that you’ll pay will also depend on a few important factors including:

  • Palm Tree Height – The taller the palm tree is, the more you’ll pay to have it trimmed. Palm trees that are 30 feet tall or shorter will cost between $75 and $400. The ones that are 60 feet or taller typically cost between $200 and $1,200.
  • Condition of Palm Tree – If the tree is trimmed regularly, it will be cheaper. If it’s been a long time and the tree needs a lot of work, it will cost more.
  • Emergency Work – If you require emergency palm tree trimming services, you can expect to pay at least $250 per hour.
  • Travel Pay – You’ll also have to pay more if the tree trimming company has to travel from out of the area.

Palm Tree Removal Costs

Palm tree removal costs usually depends on the height and size. As with trimming a palm tree, the height of the tree has a huge impact on how much you will pay:

  • Up to 30 Feet Tall – $150 to $450
  • Between 30 and 60 Feet Tall – $200 to $950
  • Between 60 and 80 Feet Tall – $400 to $1,100
  • Between 80 and 100 Feet Tall – $1,100 to $1,500 or more.

These prices generally include cutting the palm tree down to a small stump. In some cases, they may also include cutting the trunk up into smaller sections. You may have to pay extra for that service though.

A few additional items that can add to the total overall cost of your palm tree removal include:

  • Stump Removal – If you’d like the stump to be ground away, you can expect to pay an additional $75 to $300.
  • Rope Down the Palm Tree – If the palm tree grows dangerously close to a building or other obstacle, it will need to be roped down in sections. This will add significantly to the bill.

Although the costs of palm tree removal and trimming may seem high, it’s well worth it to have the work done by a professional contractor or arborist.

Trying to cut down or remove a palm tree yourself can be dangerous not only for you but for others, especially if you’re not knowledgeable or aware of the risks. Trying to trim a palm tree yourself, while a little less dangerous, still leaves the risk of the tree suffering and potentially dying due to bad trimming techniques.

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