Tree Removal: Why Hire a Professional

Tree Removal - Why you Should Hire a Professional

Keeping up with lots of trees, like out here in Loxahatchee, is no easy task. When you remove trees, there are numerous hazards and problems you should consider. Here are a few ways you can benefit from hiring a trained professional for your tree care. Tree Removal Safety When it comes to tree removal, safety…

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How Much Does Tree Removal Cost?

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Tree removal cost really depends on the tree. In order to get an accurate estimate, a tree removal company needs to see the tree in person to measure the size, diameter, location and condition to determine the cost. A simple rule of thumb: the larger the tree, the more it will cost. Factors That Go into…

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How Much does it Cost to Trim a Palm Tree?

How Much Does it Cost to Trim a Palm Tree

As with any other type of tree, the total cost to trim a palm tree depends on several different factors. How tall is the tree? How long since the last time it was trimmed? Where is the tree located? Is it located around power lines? Learn the important factors to consider regarding palm tree trimming…

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