3 Florida Trees That Produce Fall Colors

3 Florida Trees That Produce Fall Colors

Although South Florida is not known for the brilliant fall colors enjoyed by the rest of our northern neighbors, we do have a number of trees that provide some fall color for our South Florida landscapes. Even though it feels like summer year round, we can at least enjoy the looks of the color changes by planting these 3 types of trees in your yard.

Maple Trees

Some of South Florida’s native maples produce good color each fall. Red maple provides brilliant red, orange and sometimes yellow leaves. The native Florida Maple, Acer saccharum var. floridum, displays a combination of bright yellow and orange color during fall. And there are many Japanese maples that provide striking fall color.

3 Florida Trees That Produce Fall Colors

Flowering Dogwood

Our native flowering dogwood consistently provides some change in color before dropping its leaves. You can expect a red to maroon color in many of the dogwood leaves during fall.


Blackgum Tree

Another excellent native tree is Blackgum, Nyssa sylvatica. This tree is a little slow in its growth rate but can eventually grow to seventy-five feet in height. It deserves more use in our landscapes. It always provides a bright show of red to deep purple fall foliage.


These trees represent just a few choices for fall colors in Florida. Including one or several of these trees in your landscape will allow you to enjoy the color of fall even though the temperatures may not reflect it!